I am available to play in gigs such as weddings, cocktail parties, choirs, accompanying, and whatever other services require a pianist. I am classically-trained and skilled at sight-reading, but I also play popular music and jazz. If you are in need of a pianist for your event please reply to this post.


Cedric Napoleon {Bassist}

Most people will recognize Cedric from his innovative work in starting the group Pieces of a Dream and his work with Grover Washington Jr. In 2015 Cedric became involved with the Clef club and soon I began to accompany him on his personal gigs. We have played throughout Philadelphia and Atlantic City to name a few.

Josh Lawrence {Trumpeter}

Terrell Stafford {Trumpeter}

Terrell was the director for the Philadelphia All City High School Jazz band. I was selected as one of two jazz pianists to work with as well as accompany Terrell. It was out those experiences and the subsequent friendship/mentorship that I eventually choose the Temple University Jazz program where he is the director.

Clef Club of Jazz {Lovett Hines -Director}

I have been involved with the Clef Club since I was in 8th grade. I worked my way up through the ranks until I eventually became the two time recipient of the Berklee College of Music summer scholarship as well as being offered a collegiate scholarship to begin my freshman year in 2017.

Kimmell Center {Anthony Tidd – Director}

Tony Micelli – Settlement Music School Ensemble